The Great Green Forest

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The US edition is called
'Stop That Noise!'
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The Great Green Forest

Picture Book



 Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal



  A Children's Book Foundation ‘Book of the Year’



Animated on BBC



“High up in the great green forest, the sun began to rise.
Way down in the deep dark shadows, a treemouse was curling up to sleep...”

But the treemouse can’t sleep for the chattering, chirping and screeching of her rainforest neighbours. But when the longed-for silence comes, she realises that they were far more preferable to what is offered by the bulldozer she is left to face.

“Breathtaking illustrations and direct, easy but meaningful text… a splendid introduction to a vitally important environmental theme” - Junior Bookshelf

“A lovely way to teach a lesson” - The Observer

“A tour de force: the artwork is brilliant… also a funny text which is good to read aloud” - The Bookseller

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