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Paul Geraghty on
World Book Day

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Paul Geraghty's visits usually feature:
Two inspirational 60-minute presentations (three, if pupil numbers exceed 300) in a day, to audiences of 100 - 150 at a time (ages 4 – 12 & adults) on the subject of picture books, encouraging children to read, write, draw and think creatively.

He will also leave behind two or three signed, coloured felt-tip sketches done on the day. (Usually schools keep and frame these, but they fetch around £150/£200 each if auctioned.)

Every presentation is different, but will contain elements of the following:

Paul Geraghty inspiring creativity at the Tate Britain
    • An introductory drawing, TV cartoon style- 'How it is not done'
    • 'Readings' from his books, whilst drawing and showing slides simultaneously, or
    • Storytelling whilst drawing (if no projection facilities are available)
    • An interactive talk on ideas for stories
    • The stories behind some ideas that became books (as well as some that didn't!)
    • Drawing in front of the group, (showing how a picture is built up, starting with a mess and gradually developing form)
    • Demonstration of a variety of facial expressions through quick sketches during the telling of a story.
    • All illustrated with actual examples of idea doodle-sheets, presentation thumbnails (a kind of cartoon strip miniature of the story used to show to editors), rough drawings, finished illustrations, proof prints, the book as a large running sheet - prior to cutting - bound proofs and finally the finished book, which is then read to the group, all followed by questions from the group.

    Fee £480 plus travel expense (from New Malden, Surrey).

On the day he would need a flip chart, projection facilities for Powerpoint (if possible), some floor space for the audience, a sense of humour (and a set of standard short, Berol Watercolour markers would also be very helpful - but don't go shopping for them!).

Write to Paul: Paul Geraghty, 42 Dukes Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4HN, UK
Telephone: (+44) - (0)20 - 8949 3092
Email :

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