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Feedback is that screeching noise that can be achieved by turning up your microphone too loudly and putting it too close to the PA speaker, or by holding your electric guitar close to its amp; especially if it's a valve amplifier.

If you wish to find out more interesting facts, do read on, as I'm about to impart valuable details about some of the creatures who share the Blue Planet with us:

Snake: Not known for great feats of flying, the snake is usually found at ground level and is much, much longer than it is wide. Unlike the shorter fish, it can pronounce the letter ‘s’. They can be seen getting up to no good in: Over the Steamy Swamp, Look out, Patrick! The Bungle in the Jungle and The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot.

Crocodile: A particularly nasty sort of creature, according to anything smaller than it and made of meat. The crocodile hangs around in dark and murky places just waiting to spoil someone’s whole day. One can be seen hoping to get up to mischief in Over the Steamy Swamp and eventually another in Help Me! (Currently under construction by a human being called Paul Geraghty) and...?

Lion: Essentially a very large dog with sharp thorns on its fingers and toes, the lion is fond of sleeping in Africa. In Asia, most lions wear pyjamas and are called tigers. When not sleeping, some are hunter hunters, like the one in Over the Steamy Swamp. The one in The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot can't spell, and all of them in The Wonderful Journey are called 'Lionel' - even the female ones, which gets very confusing, and leads to fighting.

Frog: Somehow, frogs can get away with jumping around, being noisy, staring and sticking their tongues out in public without getting into trouble. Try this yourself and you will see it is better to be a frog, like any of the ones that appear in Paul Geraghty's picture books*.

Fish: Like birds, some fish can fly. Like fish, some birds can swim. Like birds, some fish have beaks. Like fish, some birds have bright colours. Like birds, some fish are shy. Like fish, some birds like fish, and that’s what scares the one in Over the Steamy Swamp, but not the ones in The Wonderful Journey**


*Did you know that Paul puts a frog in every picture book, even when he's not allowed to! If frogs don't exist where his story happens, he will hide one somewhere in one of the illustrations.
Can you find the frogs in all of his books?

**Did you know that there is something that flies in every illustration in The Wonderful Journey; even the underwater scene?

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