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Link to Natural History Museum Webcast

Sorry; this link has been eaten by snakes. It will be fixed once the puffadder responsible has been apprehended.

Watch Paulís World Book Day webcast from the Darwin Centre. Discover how he wrote and illustrated "Dinosaur in Danger," a book meticulously researched in conjunction with the Natural History Museum of London.

Find out how Paul Geraghty and Dr Norman MacLeod, Keeper of Palaeontology at The Natural History Museum and internationally renowned dinosaur expert, worked together to produce the book "Dinosaur in Danger" from the comfort of your home or school.

Hear wild stories, see ancient fossils and watch Paul draw dinosaurs.
Live webcast at the Darwin Center (Click for larger Images)







The Making of a Picture Book

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Paul Geraghty Award winning childrenís author/illustrator

Norman MacLeod Natural History Museum Keeper of Palaeontology & renowned dinosaur expert

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