Rotten and Rascal

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Rotten and Rascal
(The Two Terrible Pterosaur Twins)

Picture book




Winner: French Prix Livrentête CBPT Award








Its mine! screeched Rotten.
No its not, its mine! screamed Rascal.
Its mine!
Its mine!
And there was a horrible heated hullabaloo...

A cautionary dinosaur tale, Rotten and Rascal are two terrible pterosaur twins who will not stop fighting until its too late.
A familiar theme to families far and wide, the playful snappy text will challenge and stimulate young monsters everywhere.

Using oils, watercolour, guache, pencil, charcoal, ink, pen, graphite stick, grass stains, oil smudges, mud splats, coffee stains, inkblot artillery - even rain - in fact almost anything that isnt a computer, Paul Geraghty retains his typical striking colours but departs from his highly detailed style to express the mayhem of two quarrelling siblings who stubbornly refuse to find a peaceful solution to their conflict.
Oh yes; expect an unexpected ending!

If you want to create a stunned silence at bedtime after any amount of babble and hullabaloo, Rotten and Rascal is the book for you - The Guardian

If your child loves dinosaurs, this is a very funny take on the prehistoric world - Junior Bookshelf


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