Dinosaur in Danger

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Dinosaur in Danger a Hit
with The Times and W H Smith

In The Times recommended books round-up, Amanda Craig wrote, ‘Paul Geraghty’s Dinosaur in Danger is terrific. An outstanding wildlife illustrator, he tells the tale of Talon, a little lost Deinonychus who survives a volcano erupting, carnosaurs and rejection by her own species. It almost persuades you lizards can love.

Meanwhile on the high streets, hardback copies of Dinosaur in Danger - stocked by W H Smith nationwide - sold out within days of publication.

This is a remarkable achievement,’ said Caroline Roberts of Random House Children’s books, ‘W H Smith takes on very few hardback picture books - perhaps one or two per season - so any title that gets chosen is very highly thought of'.

I am not surprised,’ she added, ‘as this is Paul Geraghty’s finest work to date. He just keeps getting better and better!’


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